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Our house

Located next to Saint Peter’s Church in Viana, Navarre at the core of the Way of Saint James, our house has witnessed important historical events since was built in 1787.

Prior to arriving at Viana the Way of Saint James requires the Pilgrim to cross slopes and ravines. Whether you are a Pilgrim or a visitor you will find a comfortable, quiet place full of special corners which display a blast to the past way of life. A rewarding place to rest and resume your path, whichever it may be.

Our museum house in the heart of Viana still clouded by the passage of time, preserves its history intact with original rooms and original old furnishings.

Its balconies have original genuine fittings, and below these, the ashlar stoned façade also dates from the same time. The original drawings on the walls and the original portal have both been painstakingly renovated through a laborious restoration effort, which began in 2007.

The wine cellar, with more than 200 years of age, is made of ashlar stone and the small cellar still holds the old original wine press where wine was made so many years ago.

History lovers can consult ancient texts on original parchments dated between the years 1600 and 1700 in the Library. It also holds other authentic works of art waiting to be discovered by our guests.

Upstairs, the six bedrooms, 2 of which are single rooms, contain unique pieces of furniture. Our rooms have private bathroom and internet access.

With stunning valley views and an abundance of vines, Casa Palacio Hernandez is 10 mins away from Logroño (La Rioja) and 50 mins from Pamplona (Navarra). It is the perfect route for the adventurous wine taster seeking some of the Rioja and Navarra’s most distinct and famous wineries. Tasting routes and tours will help you to explore the corners of the Rioja and Navarra region and make the most of your wine tasting adventure.